How Many Miles Can the 2020 Nissan LEAF Drive on a Full Charge?

September 2nd, 2020 by

2020 Nissan LEAF Driving Range and Charging Times

If you’re looking for a new car that doesn’t need to use gasoline, an electric EV vehicle is the perfect choice for you. While there may be many vehicles to choose from in this popular new automotive segment, there is only one you should consider. The new 2020 Nissan LEAF offers exciting performance and excellent driving range and charging times that every driver will appreciate. Keep reading to learn more about how many miles the 2020 Nissan LEAF can drive on a single charge and how long it takes to fully charge the electric batteries that offer gas-free driving.

2020 Nissan LEAF Battery and Charging Information

The new 2020 Nissan LEAF is unlike any other vehicle in its class, thanks to a 100% electric motor that delivers gas-free miles. There’s nothing quite like a vehicle that can offer a 100% electric driving experience. With impressive torque, quick acceleration and all the other performance benefits of an electric motor, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in the new 2020 Nissan LEAF. Zero tailpipe emissions, no gas required, no oil changes and no tune-ups have helped make the electric EV vehicle a top choice with many drivers.

Just how far can the 2020 Nissan LEAF drive on a full charge and how long does it take to charge the batteries. Well, when fully charged, the 2020 Nissan LEAF can drive up to 226 miles when using the 62kWh battery. Opting for the 40kWh will give you 149 miles on a single charge. The 40kWh battery can reach a full charge in eight hours. The 62kWh battery will take eleven and a half hours to fully charge. Tens of thousands of Quick Charging stations across the country make it easy to charge your new 2020 Nissan LEAF when you’re away from home or on the road.

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