Customer Testimonials

My wife and I went to Bellevue Nissan to look at the 2017 Leafs. Our salesperson that helped us was Jordan Fisher. She was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and patient helping us fully understand about electric vehicles. We would highly recommend Jordan to buy a car from.
Larry P.
We bought Nissan Leaf from the dealership. Both Lawrence and Zachariah were great and took time to answer every single question I and my wife had. They went an extra mile to show different colors, test drive and explore every possible discount they could find. I would highly recommend the duo team. Best experience we had :-)
Super easy, and they got us a great deal. Lawrence was Awesome
Alaron L.
Lawrance was great. This was my second Leaf and we came to a deal by email, I drove over, dropped off my Leaf, picked one out and was on my way. The whole thing was done in an hour - easy breezy.
Cihan M.
We have just purchased a 2016 Nissan Rogue SL AWD from Bellevue Nissan. After having owned six Maximas and been happy with all, decided to try something different. Wanted to stay with Nissan and with this dealership, because have been so pleased with their service department for the past seven years when we first discovered them. Our salesman, Randy Haxton, couldn't have been better. We always do our homework when buying a new car and appreciate the way Randy took care of our needs with courtesy and knowledge of his product.
Violet E.
Third purchase from Bellevue Nissan.... Bent over backwards to make good on their promises.... Sales Manager Joey and sales rep. Randy were excellent... Will return again...
Seneca B.
Randy was great! He took very good care of us and for that we are very grateful! This is our first car buying experience in around 10 years and we were worried it would be a hassle, but Randy did everything he could to get us what we wanted for the price we could afford! We are so happy with our Pathfinder. Thanks Randy!! He kept our experience personable with no pressure.
Nathaniel J.
I found Bellevue Nissan on the internet and was looking for a Leaf, when i came here and spoke to Nathan and Beany. They worked together as a team and found me a car according to my requirement. I would recommend Bellevue Nissan to anyone from Vancouver who is willing to get a Nissan vehicle.
Chris C.
Just bought our second car from Eastside Nissan. Service, Sales and Finance department are all excellent. Easiest car buying experience. Their team always makes us feel like part of the Nissan family.
Iris F.
I visited Bellevue Nissan earlier this afternoon to look at a pre-owned Audi A4 Prestige. When I arrived without an appointment, the dealership appointed me a salesman by the name of Conner Anderson who was very polite and accommodating in showing the vehicle. He made me feel at home and was very knowledgeable about the car even though its not a Nissan brand of vehicle. The test drive lasted around 20 minutes and included highway/city and backroads. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience Connor offered and even though I didn’t purchase the vehicle at the end of the day, I did enjoy my time at the dealership.
Jarred W.
i stopped into bellevue nissan and was greeted by zach hinson and mark stevens
The experience here at Nissan was fantastic. I am a first time buyer and was treated like I am part of the family. I guess I am now considering I bought my 2008 Jeep Wrangler from there.
I will tell everyone that my experience at this dealership is better then just about any other.
I can tell that its a family here not sales people and managers.
Cody J.
This is the 3rd car I ve leased from this place and have always been treated courtesously and with respect. This time the process went alot faster than in past times! I had an afternoon appt and from test drive to completin took only alittle over 2 hours.
Andre L.
I have bought a total of 3 cars from this dealership, has always been a great experience for myself and my wife. Service department is nice and helpful, I have even called in for simple help and they where great.
I will go back for sure.
Daniel S.
Great experience with this dealer. The were helpful and we go what was expected.
Steve B.
Had an exceptional experience with the service department. My LEAF had all warning lights go wild, stopped the car and called for roadside assistance.
I then called Nissan Bellevue to let them know my car is on its way. From that point on it was a fire and forget experience, timely updates and very clear explanations regarding the problem that caused the whole mess. Any small issue was brought to my attention and a nice and fully loaded SUV was provided as a loaner in the meantime!

Bottom line - it was an outstanding service, provided by a professional team.

Highly recommended!
Rotem Y.
I had my 2012 Altima, James W was very helpful and friendly I am really happy with the help and my car very great team .
Yizrealawit T.
ZACH HINSON! (sorry this is long but I wanted to explain why he is the only one worth your time)
If you are looking for a car, he is the only sales guy to talk to! Don't waste your time getting randomly assigned, I recommend that you ask to speak directly for him. You may have to wait because I promise he is the most requested but it will totally be worth it.
My wife and I went in a couple of weeks ago after having horrible (the normal pushy salesman) at multiple other dealerships, even other Nissan dealerships. We wanted something specific and were tired of the run around. Then we met Zach by fluke, the salesman helping us was new and Zach came to help him... what a perfect moment for us.
We spent a long time there because we were picky and wanted a specific custom new car that fit all of our needs. Not only did Zach not pressure us to get something easier and that was on the lot, he entertained us with his over the top (in a good way) personal, social attitude. He gave us his full attention and bent over backwards to help us. Zach not only fulfilled all of our needs but we enjoyed the experience! How many times can you say that about buying a car.
He was excellent at making it a great experience for us and we were happy the entire time with him. I guarantee we would not have bought the car if it wasn't for him and him alone.
Not only was he so great that day, but because he was so amazing and I felt like he truly prioritized our concerns and needs over the 'need to sell a car', we went back. A few days after buying our new 'unicorn' customized 2015 Rogue, I went back to him for another car! (The wife got a new one... why shouldn't I:)
Zach again was not pressuring at all and more than helpful. He let me test drive several different cars until we finally found the right match today.
I am not kidding when I say I will never buy another car from anyone but ZACH! I honestly feel that if you are reading this then you need to take my advice and only work with him, whether you have found the perfect car or just want to look around. He was more than helpful and so comfortable to be around that I can for the first time say I enjoyed buying a car...or two:)
I am actually sad that I won't be going in for a while because I loved every second of it! One more thing... we saw and overheard plenty of other salesman in there and no one came close to Zach's customer service. Just sit in there for a half hour and observe, you will notice how hard he works and how happy he is to do it. I trust this man will give you the best deal possible and do everything in his power to please his customers.
A very very happy and please Zach Hinson customer!
Shannon L.
first time Leaf buyer and happy about my sales person Jose who taught me all about the charging programs and special incentives. Bellevue Nissan and Jose go beyond customer care.
Star C.
Worked with Teran in the Parts dept a couple weeks ago and had a great experience. Teran helped me track down a couple parts I needed for my Z-car. Really appreciate all your help and patience on the phone as I described my problem. I'll be back to work with Teran again the next time I need ANYTHING. It's always great to work with someone who can not only help you overcome your issue but also has a great sense of humor. I was very frustrated when I first called with my issue but Teran had me laughing my butt off by the time he was done helping me through my problem. GO HAWKS
Joel M.
I had a great experience while dealing with Teran in your parts department while trying to get a few parts ordered. He was extremely helpful and was able to assist me in finding what I needed in a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend this dealership to friends and family.
(Sales:Jose) Talk about a awesome Nissan sales store. came in for a oil change and was curious to drive a Nissan 370Z as I waited for my 350Z to finish in service. I was approached by a very professional looking guy who at first I thought was a manager. after his introduction I found out he was one of the senior sales guys and i qucikly hinted about wanting a drive a 370Z. most other dealers made faces and wouldn't even let me even look at the car.Jose quickly asked me if I've see any I liked and I pointed at the one up front with the Nismo package. Being a Nissan guy I fell in love with the car on the drive and ended leaving with a beautiful black 370Z. Jose thank you and see when my lease ends for a new Z.
Samuel J.
This place is great!! Jose was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable of Nissan products! Very impressed! Made my experience great and I will be referring anyone looking to purchase a car his way..thanks Jose! Your definitely an asset to Bellevue Nissan!
Shannon P.
I've been shopping around to lease a LEAF for about 4 months and had focused most of my attention on the dealer in Everett since they are on the Costco program.
Last night, I saw an online special from Bellevue Nissan promoting the $199/mo with no money down offer that was popular a couple years ago, but the add did say they only had 2 cars at that price, and you needed to work for a company like Microsoft or Amazon to get that rate.
I decided to pop in anyway to see what they had available.
The family ahead of me was there for the exact same thing and I got to hear the manager explain that the two cars were gone.
Before I could turn to leave, a friendly sales guy (Zach Hinson) approached me to see if I had been helped. I explained that I was there for the $199 deal but that I understood I didn't qualify since I didn't work for Microsoft. He let me know that they had many, many LEAF cars to choose from and since they were moving locations in a couple of days, they were having a big sale (when are dealers not, right?).
Zach was very low pressure. Asked me appropriate questions about what I already knew about the car (which was quite a bit thanks to the dealer in Everett) and asked me what type of deal I was hoping to get. I had a number in mind and he went to his manager to see if they could make it happen.
He came back with a smile and said "let's go pick a color" which we did.
Although I had done a test drive before, my wife hadn't and Zach had us take a car for a spin. He made that part super easy ... he grabbed the keys we needed and we were off.
When talking about the different models he was very straight forward, confirming what I already knew and making no attempt to "sell" me on stuff I didn't need.
Zach even noticed that my cell phone was almost dead and charged it up for me while I was in the with the finance guy reviewing the lease agreement.
I typically loathe buying cars, but I truly enjoyed my experience today.
I got the car I wanted, in the color i wanted, with the features I wanted, for a price that was only a couple of dollars per month over the low end of my range. I know I could have had a better deal if I worked for one of the big companies with a buying program like Microsoft, but since I don't I think I got the best deal out there. And it was WAY better than the prices I was quoted from the other dealership.
I've seen some bad reviews for this dealership, and I think it really comes down to the random sales rep you get.
My recommendation: Avoid being randomly assigned to someone and ask for Zach Hinson when you walk in the door. He's a good guy with the right attitude.
Rob K.
I bought a 2015 Nissan Altima from Bellevue of Nissan on April 18, 2015 after a friend recommended me to the dealership.
The entire staff was very pleasant and attentive! Everyone was eager to make sure we were comfortable and the sales associate we worked with - Kimethe Hinnant really rolled out the red carpet for us! As soon as we sat down with Kimethe he asked us what we wanted and we were able to walk out the door with just that! Kimethe and the finance department did everything they could do to get us close to the note we wanted. I didn't feel forced into buying anything.
Kimethe was also very knowledgeable about the engineering aspects of the car and went the extra mile even after purchase to follow up with us and make sure everything was going great with the car.
My husband and I walked away very happy. I have and will continue to recommend Kimethe and Bellevue - Nissan to my family members and friends. We plan to go back soon to purchase a second vehicle.
Brian, just wanted to thank you so much for helping me with an urgent fix on my Infinity last week. You have no idea how helpful you were and how fast it had to be fixed before our weekend plans were in jeopardy of being postponed. Thank you for all the help you even suggested in the light of it not being a quick fix. I will never forget your going "North of Expected" with your excellent customer service. Also, huge Kudo's go to your service adviser, Dee Phillips for going above and beyond to provide the outstanding service that is so rare in company's today. Thank you again you made our weekend relaxing and worry free.
Ray and Rosemarie
This is our 5th Nissan and 2nd Nissan from Bellevue Nissan. I had a terrific experience from working with Sean and his management all the way to finance! We'll be back when our Altima is off lease.
Corey G.
I enjoyed my entire experience. I knew what I wanted, and Jose & Jimmy made sure I left with the JUKE of my choice -- within hours. Then Ted in finance -- Wow! How can that part of the entire transaction be pleasant? With Ted, that's how. I felt taken care of. I am thrilled with my car purchase. VIVA NISSAN...
Donna Z.
...Todd was my service advisor. Just wanted to pass along a little note about my experience, and I have to say it was the best experience I've ever received at any Nissan dealership. This was my first visit to the Eastside location, I was previously driving farther to a different dealership to get not nearly the same level of service. But because of Todd, I will no longer go any where else. Just wanted to make sure you give him a little pat on the back because thanks to him you gained a customer, haha...
Very quick and to the point. Damian told me right away what I could get as a payment and was very happy with the first negotiation which fell in line with what my other friends got.
P. Delgado
Jimmy was amazing in helping get the nehotiations done before I even came in. I was able to come in and complete the purchase and drive away in my new Leaf in just over an hour. Super use of social media to conduct business and serve customers in a way that works for them.
Nancy A.
Both Scott & Casey came in on their day off to help me with purchasing and return a vehicle I did not want from another dealership. They both did an outstanding job in providing me with the ultimate customer experience I've ever encountered!!! Thank you both Scott & Casey for my Kia Soul which I do "love"!!!!
Christine P.
Great experience overall. It helped that there was a solid deal on the Rogue at the time of my purchase which made things rather straightforward with respect to the final price and financing.

Also, Skyler did a very good job throughout the process. After doing an initial test drive with him early in the month, I was happy to come back a couple weeks later and make it final. He was helpful and easy to work with. From my experience at other dealerships (RAV4, CR-V, and CX-5), many other salesmen I talked to were not people I could trust on various fronts (knowledge of comparable vehicles, fair pricing, aggressive/overbearing styles, etc.). While I can deal with some level of this across the board, it was a bit of a relief that the Rogue was my preferred option.
Brian M.
Everything went so well. I was shown how to use everything in and outside the vehicle. I got it within my monthly budget.That was the best part for me. Mr.Talton was well inform about the vehicle.
Cheryl L.
Brandon did an excellent job selling me a 2014 Nissan GTR. He was easy to work with, kept things comfortable and worked with me to make the sale possible. I am very pleased with the purchase and the experience.
Sean K.
My goal was to state clearly to the dealership the model and configuration of the car I wanted to buy, the price I wanted to pay, and to have someone respond in the affirmative without my having to jump through hoops.

Rommel responded to my request promptly (less than half an hour!), with information about the car he had in stock that matched my requirements, and an agreement to sell it for the price I stated.

When I got the dealership, he walked me through the purchase in a straight-forward, no-nonsense manner. I didn't have to deal with any of the various tricks and manipulations that I've come to expect from car dealers over the years. The paperwork took a little longer to complete than I'd have liked, but at the end of the day, I was able to achieve exactly what I'd set out to, with Rommel's expert help.

I have a hard time imagining a car-purchased experience much more satisfactory than this one.
Peter D.