The 20 Best Family Board Games

September 16th, 2020 by

The 20 Best Family Board Games

With wildfires along the west coast producing lots of smoke, the air quality is becoming very dangerous. This is a great time to stay inside and Bellevue Nissan wants to help you make the most of your time indoors by offering this list of board games to play with your family. Here are the 20 best family board games to try out and play during these tough times.


This classic game is still a family favorite board game today! Clue requires you to try and solve a murder, specifically, who did it, with what, and where. Eliminate information throughout the game by exploring the game board until you know exactly who did it! This game has been around for a while, so your family being familiar with it is a high possibility!

Spontuneous -The Song Game

If you and your family are music lovers and want to show off that great singing voice, this is the game for you! Spontuneous is a great family game that gets everyone involved and takes a deep dive into everyone’s music library. To play, everyone starts with several trigger words, and when you say one, whoever sings a lyric with the trigger word in it moves along the game board! This game is one that will definitely bring lots of laughs and some nostalgia with some of those old school songs!


Codenames is a challenging and social game that is great for families. Split into two separate teams, nominate a “Spymaster” that will know the secret identities of 25 agents. The rest of the team only knows these 25 agents by their codenames. Spymasters are required to give one-word clues that will help reveal the true identities of the agents without giving help to the other team. This game requires some great teamwork and brainstorming, but it is sure to bring a great time with it!

Mouse Trap

Another classic game that is still loads of fun today! Mouse Trap requires some critical thinking and some collaboration in order to avoid the traps and to try and trap your opponents. With 25 parts and accessories, most games will be different from the last, giving the game some new excitement each time. You can play with either 2 people or up to 4, so even if someone doesn’t want to join in on the fun, everyone else still can enjoy Mouse trap!

Exploding Kittens

If you have ever played Cards Against Humanity, then you know that it can be a little awkward to play with family. This is where Exploding Kittens comes into play. Exploding Kittens is a family-friendly game that is sure to bring loads of laughter. It has the fun from Cards Against Humanity combined with the competition of Uno, making for a fun, but intense game. Place cards with different abilities to either help yourself or to keep your opponent from winning. Watch out though because if you draw an Exploding Kitten card, you are out of the game!

Spot It!

Spot It is a great game if you are looking to bring a fun and quick experience to game night. Spot It will test your visual and reflex skills in order to find a single match on each game board. Fit with various ways to play including 5 mini-games, Spot It will be different every time you play! A great game for all ages to play and it will have you addicted within minutes!


A list of the best board games is not right without Monopoly on it. Arguably the most popular board game of all time, Monopoly is still going strong today. With tons of different versions and themes of Monopoly available, have the family pick out their favorite and enjoy a long, possibly rage-inducing game! Be the first to own the board and become a Monopoly!

Blokus Strategy Game

This fun and easy to learn game is perfect for families with kids of any age. Blokus requires some strategy as you need to try and fit as many game pieces on the board, but your pieces need to be touching corners! Try and take over territories on the board or block your opponents. Once no more blocks can be placed, the player with the most pieces on the board wins the game!


Add another classic game to this list with Jenga! This block-based game never lacks excitement and intensity. Try and take blocks out from the tower and place them on top without it falling. If you make the tower fall on your turn, you lose! A great game that takes the most concentration and the gentlest touch, a perfect quick game for the family!

Ravensburger Labyrinth

Board games can get quite competitive and there’s always the want to replay. Ravensburger Labyrinth is a very fun, highly replayable board game that is also extremely easy to learn. The goal is to try and find the fastest way through the labyrinth while also reaching all of the treasures and targets along the way. Ravensburger Labyrinth requires some quick thinking and some strategy in order to find the perfect route, but don’t bring that same strategy along into the next game as it will be completely different!

Guess Who!

This fun guessing game is sure to have you spending time thinking of the next question to ask. Guess Who is a classic board game that has you try and guess the other player’s character. Asking questions that may eliminate a high number of characters is the best way to go and there are a variety of ways to do so! A great game that will definitely require some critical thinking and maybe a bit of deception!

Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is the perfect game for those with younger children who want to play board games! The easy to learn concept of Chutes and Ladders makes it possible for the whole family to have fun. Spin the spinner to see how many spaces you advance! If you land on a ladder, you go up and are closer to the end! However, if you land on a chute, you must go down and have to start your journey farther back. A classic game that will bring fun to those board game nights!


This game is bound to be intense from start to end! Sorry takes a spin on the classic start to finish board game aspect as you are able to bump your opponent out of the way and send them back to the start! The goal is to get all of your pawns to the end before your opponents and win the game! The game board is fitted with safe zones, slide zones, and power up tokens that will add even more fun to the game! If you ever bump an opponent back to start, make sure to say Sorry!


This two-player game can either take a long time or be done in 5 minutes! Battleship has you and an opponent wage war on each other’s ships in an attempt to sink them all before they do. Strategically place your battleships in places you don’t think your opponent will call out. The first to sink all of their opponent’s ships wins the game! A very fun board game for those who don’t have enough players for bigger games.


Operation requires a steady hand and lots of patience, so be prepared! Another classic game, Operation has tons of variations apart from the classic human, such as Shrek and Chewbacca. In this game, you play the doctor and need to remove parts from the board without hitting the sides or else the buzzer with sound! A fun game for the family that will bring laughs, frustration, and most importantly, tons of fun!


This matching game is one that will bring plenty of excitement and strategy! Qwirkle is fit with 108 wood tiles with different shapes and colors on them. Your goal is to match a tile on the board with either the shape or color, earning points by doing so. Strategy and critical thinking will be required to try and block opponents from scoring and keeping options open for yourself! A fun game that will always be a new experience every time you play!


Yet another classic game, but who doesn’t love them?! Trouble is another board game that sees you trying to reach the finish, while also attempting to sabotage your opponents. Trouble has its iconic Pop-O-Matic dice roller in the center of the board that is very unique to a board game! The goal is to get all of your pegs to the end before your opponent. If an opponent lands on one of your pegs before you’re in the safe zone, you’re in Trouble and have to go all the way back to start!

Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition

Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition allows everyone to get in on the trivia action! Fit with 6 different categories and 600 questions a piece for kids and adults, the fun will be endless! Race around the board answering questions along the way with the goal of collecting six wedges along the journey! First to collect all six wedges wins! This game can be played individually or in teams, so lock in an answer some trivia questions!


Another classic, but it’s not your traditional board game. Twister does have you play on a board, but your body is the game piece! With four rows of varying colors, a spinner is spun to determine which body part is supposed to go on that corresponding spot. The goal is to stay upright, keep following the spinner’s instructions, and don’t hurt yourself! If you fall then you are out! Twister is destined to give the family a great time filled with laughs, a couple falls, and plenty of fun!