Why Bellevue is the BEST Place to Live!

October 8th, 2020 by

The state of Washington has plenty of fantastic places to live, but none of them come close to Bellevue. With some of the top-rated neighborhoods in the state, the city of Bellevue lives up to its slogan of Better in Bellevue! Hop in your Nissan and experience why Bellevue is the place to be! Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Bellevue and some of the draws to the area!

Northeast Bellevue

Northeast Bellevue gives residents a mix of suburban and urban. With a population of 16,165, residents of this top-rated neighborhood can experience a ton of fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, and parks! The public schools, diversity, and nightlife in the area are also very highly rated. Many young professionals live in Northeast Bellevue, with many residents renting out homes (around 60%).


Wilburton is a smaller neighborhood in Bellevue that is also a mix of suburban and urban. The housing around the area is pretty expensive, but many incentives such as highly rated schools and a safe environment for raising a family come with living here. Wilburton has good diversity and nightlife, along with many parks and restaurants. The weather is nice enough, allowing for some great outdoor activities in the area.

Bridle Trails

Bridle Trails is another small neighborhood in Bellevue that is great for raising a family. You have easy access to places like downtown Bellevue and Kirkland from here. Bridle Trails has plenty of beautiful trees and even has an equestrian park where you can see some horses! The schools in the area are fantastic, and nightlife, outdoor, activities, and diversity are great too.

West Bellevue

West Bellevue is a much more urban neighborhood compared to the others listed. The cost of living is one of the highest out of this list, but it comes with great job opportunities and a fast commute. The neighborhood is very safe, making nightlife more comfortable and fun. The restaurants around the area allow you to try tastes from around the world, and there are plenty of other great stores as well.

Pros of Bellevue

Everything is Better in Bellevue, especially when it comes to these:


Bellevue experiences some very moderate weather, with heavy rainfall being the worst of it. The summer months will bring some great warm weather while the ending months will provide cooler weather.


There are plenty of different ways to get around, whether light rail, bike, buses, or even water taxis! This keeps you off the streets where it can sometimes become heavily trafficked.

Employment and Economy

Bellevue is very popular with young professionals as there are many companies with operations in the area, such as Boeing and Microsoft. Technology is really booming in the area as well, giving people a taste of brand-new products.


Bellevue boasts a diverse range of cuisine that allows people to get a taste of the world. Fancy restaurants, food trucks, local restaurants, and food stalls allow people to grab a bite no matter what their price range is. The Bellevue Farmers Market also allows residents to grab fresh, organic produce from local growers!

Cultural Entertainment

Bellevue is filled with tons of parks such as Chandler Park, Clyde Beach Park, an Lewis Creek Park. There are other attractions as well such as the Bellevue Botanical Garden, Bellevue Zip Tour, and Lake Sammamish!

Part of the Top 100 Places to Live

Number 10 on the list is Bellevue and that is expected of such a beautiful place. With some of the best school systems and plenty of outdoor recreational activities, you’ll find it hard to be bored here. Bellevue is also host to many festivals, music venues, and museums that will satisfy the interests of all.

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